Khumai Danda Trek - A Short Popular Destination for 2023

Khumai Danda Trek - A Short Popular Destination for 2023

Nepal is a popular trekking destination that offers hundreds of options for long and short treks that lead to the gorgeous Himalayas. While the long treks demand physical fitness and longer days on the trail, short treks can be completed in a week and are less challenging. Among hundreds of short trekking trails in Nepal, the newly discovered Khumai Danda Trek is gaining popularity in a very short time. Despite being located in the lap of the most trekked destination, Mt Macchapuchre, it is unspoilt and less crowded in comparison to Poonhill and Mardi Himal trails. In this blog, Khumai Danda Trek- A Short Popular destination for 2023, we will include the itinerary, tips and lists of things you will experience during your trip.

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Highlights of the trip:

▪ Enjoy the panoramic sights of Mt. Macchapuchre (6993m), Annapurna (8091m) and Mardi (5587m)
▪ Trek through the natural, unspoilt trekking trails
▪ Enjoy the sunrise and sunset view from Korchan (3700m)
▪ Experience the warm hospitality of locals and explore their unique
▪ Culture


Khumai Dada Itinerary


Short overview:


Khumai Danda is located on the North side of Pokhara and elevates at an altitude of 3245m. The Hill lies on the base of the south face of Macchapuchre, which is also a part of the Macchapuchre Model Trek. The Khumai Danda trek can be completed in 3-4 days from Pokhara and can also be extended up to a week by adding the Mardi Himal trek to the itinerary.


Since it is located at the base of Macchapuchre, the views of the Himalayas and sunrise from the vantage point, Korchan (3700m) are astonishing. Apart from this, the peaceful trekking trail, unadulterated scenery, lush woodlands and ethnic villages like Saripakha, Hile Kharka, and Mirsha Village make Khumai Danda one of the magical trekking destination for anyone looking for solitude and a wonderful time amidst the nature.


Khumai Danda


Khumai Danda 3 Days Itinerary:


Day 1: Drive from Pokhara to Hemja and trek to Hile Kharka (2160m) via Ghachowk


On the first day of your trek, you will drive from Pokhara to Hemja, a 30-minute ride. Hemja is the starting point of the trek, from where you will start walking through the woodlands, small villages, and terraced fields, enjoying the sights of the surrounding hills. The Hemja to Hile Kharka trek takes around 6 hours and is a relatively easy walk. Ghachowk, known as the best place to view the Himalayas, also lies on the way to Hile Kharka. So please don’t hesitate to slow down and enjoy the sights of Macchapuchre, Annapurna and Lamjung Himal from Ghachowk.

Day 2: Trek from Hile to Khumai Danda (3245m)


The trek from Hile Kharka to Khumai Danda is like a jungle walk, as you will be walking mostly inside the forest. The trail is peaceful and a bit more challenging than the previous day's walk as the path gets narrower that too covered with the grassy hill. Despite a few challenges, the panoramic sights of Macchapuchre, Dhaulagiri and Annapurna will reward and welcome you at their best. Walking past the Samsur Deurali, you will finally arrive at Khumai Danda, which lies in the shadow of the gigantic Macchapuchre Himal.

Day 3: Hike to Korchan Danda (3700m) and hike down to Ghachowk and drive to Pokhara

The major highlight of the trip, Korchan Danda, will undoubtedly surprise you with the astounding sights of sunrise and the Himalayas. Elevating at 3700m, the hill offers majestic views of Mardi, Annapurna, and Macchapuchre. You can spend some quality time far from the hustle, right into the lap of the Himalayas, before heading back to Pokhara.



Permits required for Khumai Danda Trek:


The Khumai Danda lies within the Annapurna conservation area. Hence, you will require the Annapurna Conservation area entry permit and the TIMS card, that is required for almost all treks in Nepal.


Best season for Khumai Danda Trek:


The Khumai Danda trek is the shortest and easiest trek in Nepal. Since you will not be gaining much altitude and the weather is pleasant all year round, you can do this trek any time of the year.


Although most people avoid trekking in monsoon (June to August) due to various reasons like slippery trails and continuous rainfallthe beauty of Khumai Danda is exceptional, especially in the rainy season because of the blossoming wildflowers in the hills. Other than the monsoon, during the Spring and Autumn, the trail is filled with a wide variety of rhododendron flowers that make the view even more pleasing. However, if you are not afraid of snow and want to enjoy the sights of the snow-capped pinnacles, Winter (December-February) can also be the best time for the Khumai Danda trek.


Why trek to Khumai Danda in 2023?


After being locked up in their house for more than two years, people are now finally moving across countries for treks and tours to free their minds. And since Nepal is at the top of the traveller's list, we are all set to welcome new and beloved trekkers in the year 2023.


While the destinations like Everest Base camp, Annapurna Base Camp, Langtang, Manaslu, Ghorepani Poonhill, Mardi, Gokyo, and Tilicho are filled with trekkers, a destination like the unexplored Khumai Danda remain in the shadow because of lack of resource and attention. The remoteness, majestic views, lush forests, and what we most search for these days, solitude, Khumai Danda offers everything that we look forward to in a trek.


So this year, if you are planning for some quality time in the Himalayas and opting for something new aside from the popular treks, you can go for the Khumai Danda trek, which will quench your thirst of being close to nature. The wildflowers, unobstructed views of Annapurna, Macchapuchre, Mardi and Dhaulagiri, and kind locals will warm your heart and make your time in Nepal worthwhile.


Most common question on New Khumai Danda Trek:


1. How many days will it take for a beginner to reach Khumai Danda?

The Khumai Danda trek is a typical 3-4 days trek and can be completed within this time frame by any beginner. But someone who has been on the trekking trail before can complete it within two days.

Another option is to take a jeep to Ghachowk from Pokhara and start your trekking journey. Doing this will help you to reach Khumai Danda on the same day. Hence, you can hike to Khorchan the next day and then head down to Pokhara via Ghachowk.


2. What is the maximum elevation that I can gain during the trip?

The maximum elevation you will attain during the trip is 3700m at Korchan. Korchan is the vantage point of the Khumai Danda trek that offers unobstructed views of Macchapuchre and other Himalayas together with a splendid sunrise view.


3. What type of accommodation will be available on the trail?

Just like the other treks of Nepal, you will be accommodated in Teahouse with basic facilities. However, you will find limited options, as it is not as popular as other trekking destinations in Nepal. However, we assure you that the ones available will make your stay pleasing.


4. Can a beginner complete this trek?

Yes, absolutely. Any new trekker can complete this trek. In case you have any problem on the trail, all you have to do is notify your guide, and they will take care of you or as well increase the trekking days that will suit you.


5. What food can I get in the teahouse?

The teahouse usually offers traditional Nepali cuisines like Dal, Bhat, Soup, and Curries, together with some continental dishes.


6. Can I do a solo trip to Khumai Danda?

Unlike other trekking destinations of Nepal, Khumai Danda is known to very limited local trekkers mainly because this is a new trekking route. Hence, you will not meet many trekkers on the way, which might not make you feel safe. Signing up for a guided trek will be safe and allow you to enjoy your trip to the fullest.



If you are looking for a holiday in Nepal where you can enjoy nature to the fullest, Khumai Danda can be the right choice for you and your family. Located in the lap of Mt. Macchapuchre in a remote setting, the hill will overwhelm you with unobstructed views and calmness.

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