Volunteering in Nepal

We at Trekking Guide Team Adventure have numerous and various services to offer to our fellow friends, college or high school students and social workers who wish to stay in Nepal not as a tourist but as a friend and family member. Volunteering programs are one of the ways to support local people of Nepal through tourism. People who wish to volunteer and share their skill are welcome to visit and work in local community in the far flung villages of Nepal working in school and institute and offering your ideas and pros and cons to the helpless villagers to make their life even brighter with your ideas and skills.

Volunteering can be done in environment, health, education sector of Nepal. A small act of volunteering largely impacts on the livelihood of many people. Although it is not compulsory, but one can volunteer in many ways:

- Health

 Health education related to hygiene, cleanliness, childcare, women’s health and sanitation can be given to the local community people. Medical camp can be organized for diagnosis of disease, advising and distribution of sanitary items can be provided.


Anyone dreaming to teach students of remote part of Nepal can come to contact with us. Trekking Guide Team Adventure will provide you the platform to teach those students.

 If a person wishes to distribute the learning equipments such as pens, notebooks, colored pencils, story books, bags etc., then these gifts can be directly turned over to our company when you arrive to Kathmandu. Our company will arrange them to distribute yourself or through our proper distribution channels.


 Environmental protection has been the action-oriented program in Nepal and one can initiate to protect them is via volunteering. It includes activities such as planting of trees, hosting a cleanup program, helping locals to develop community gardens and so on.

-Donations and funding

Many orphanage, old-aged home lack proper facilities due to the lack of fund. Donations to uplift the infrastructure of those homes can be done, or one can make available of funding channels to help them.

Just drop a line to us and we will make all types of arrangement as per your interest and the kind of volunteer that you like to share in our small friendly village.