Why Travel with Us

1. Founder/ Team Leader

The founder and Team Leader Mr. Kabiraj Nepal himself has spent his 17 years in this tourism sector. He started his contribution in this field as a porter, then he was promoted as a guide and now he is operating his own company. Because of his experience from grass level he knows exactly how the trips should be organized so that everything goes on smoothly and safely.

2. Staff Members

All the staff members of TGTA are highly experienced and are government certified. They are trained on safety and emergency medical evacuations. So, you can definitely feel safe in the hands of our guides and porters.

3. Fully satisfied customers

TGTA has been serving the people relish natural beauty of Nepal since 2007 and receiving their humble appreciation of more than 5000 individual customers from all around the world.

4. Customers through recommendation

We have definitely been recommending to the new customers by our old clients who are satisfied by our service.

5. Personalized packages

TGTA offers personalized packages. You let us know what you are interested and we will provide you with the best suitable itinerary as per your requirement.

6. Reasonable prices

TGTA provides you best service at very reasonable cost. Along with our price the service provide is excellent.

7. No hidden cost

There is no any hidden cost incurred in any of our packages. The price we quote is what you pay to us.

8. Eco Tourism

TGTA has and will be highly supporting Eco tourism. We ensure that there is minimum impact on the environment as we go along the route.

9. Social responsibility

Despite the business values, it has also been involved in contributing to the society by providing wide array of employment opportunities, helping in education of children of remote villages.

10. Repeated Customer

We feel proud to announce that we get repeated customers every year who think traveling around Nepal is safe, hassle-free, and affordable with the Trekking Guide Team Adventure.

11. Knowledge and Experience

Working in the industry for more than 17 years now, the Trekking Guide Team has gained enough knowledge about the Himalayas, new tour and trekking destinations, and adventure activities around Nepal that allow our Guests to have the best time in Nepal.

The experience, knowledge, hard work, and passion we have for our work is our key to be a successful Tour and Trekking company of Nepal.

12. Over 150 Tour and Trekking Packages

We don't have such thing as a boring itinerary for our Guests. Just name the place you want to visit and the time you have in Nepal, and we will customize any trekking, tour, and adventure packages that will blow your mind and make your Nepal stay worthwhile.

13. Excellency Certificate from Trip Advisor

Trekking Guide Team Adventure has successfully grabbed the excellency certificate for the consecutive years from 2015 to 2020, making us one of the best Trekking Company in Nepal.  

14. Safety First

The main aim of Trekking Guide Team Adventure is to make Nepal safe for solo as well as group travelers. So, we make sure to provide utmost attention to each and every small details involved during Trekking and Tour in Nepal. 

In case, of any unexpected hazards, we back up our guests with necessary precaution, so that they can enjoy their time in Nepal with a peace of mind.