Why should you Travel To Nepal After COVID-19 ?

Why should you Travel To Nepal After COVID-19 ?

Corona Viruses are a large family of viruses which may cause illness in human which was seen since December 31st, 2019 in a city of China. This disease spreads primarily from person to person in the form of small droplets from the nose or mouth, when a person with COVID-19 coughs, sneezes or speaks without covering their mouth. Studies have shown that the Coronavirus can survive for up to 72 hours on plastic and stainless steel, less than 4 hours on copper, and less than 24 hours on cardboard. As this pandemic is going on and traveling is a completely different option for the domestic as well as international tourist. After this pandemic is over we can think to travel as our isolation in four walls can make us mentally sick so why not Nepal as its greenery environment and the pollution-free city can increase your immunity power. 


Nepal is a developing country international tourist may find a little bit difficult to visit developing Nepal after this pandemic. The Government of Nepal has formed a committee to coordinate with the Ministry of Health Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Nepal Army, Nepal Police, and Armed Police Force for this pandemic situation. The Humanitarian Country Team (HCT) includes the Red Cross Movement, civil society organizations (national and international NGOs) to overcome with different ideas for this pandemic situation. For both citizens and tourists, Nepal Government is doing this /will be doing this to recover this pandemic with the collaboration with the UN, WHO, and many more international organizations.



What Nepal Government is doing to make your travel safe, comfortable and hygine?


  1. Coordination Planning and Monitoring the peoples 

The coordination has been activated since the news of the possible outbreak of  COVID-19 became known to our government.  The government of Nepal has established an incident management team, including intelligent staff from national and partner organizations to overcome this pandemic named Emergency Operations Centres (EOCs). As this type of panning and monitoring plan is made with a lot of research feel free to visit Nepal as this pandemic is over.


  1. Safety and Protection

It's normal to think about myself and ask for my safety and my protection in this pandemic situation. As Nepalese Value their guest as a god you will not only feel this among citizens but also from the side of government. Mapping of capacity to deal with protection with relevant organize various kinds of training and capacity building workshop is going on for health workers so that (white coat gods)  will be able to save peoples. As this pandemic may affect mental health various awareness program has been conducted. When you visit Nepal to spend your holiday after this pandemic you may have some questions related to your safety and protection. Among the general people the simple message of social distancing, wearing masks, and sanitizing every contactable object is spread and we trust that they follow each instruction. As every instruction is followed your safety and protection question may have got the answer.


  1. Rapid Response Teams and Case Investigation in the entry Points 

Ministry of Health and Population and the Nepal Red Cross Society hotlines activated 24 by 7 hrs. feel free to drop the message.  Every person is checked before entering the nation if any doubt is seen you will be kept in quarantine for 14days flowing the instruction given by WHO. There will be contact tracing if the government finds any kind of information to be sent to you. In Nepal, if you cooperate with the government with the correct information, government as well as citizens they will make you feel safer and create the home away from home environment. 


  1. Food Security 

Coordinating with the Nutrition Cluster, food safety tips is already instructed to the hotels, restaurant as well as café. We trust them and they will follow the instruction for both you and your food safety. The food that you are going to eat is examined by the expert team. Feel free to ask for the process so you will be satisfied. 


  1. Wash 

As per the WHO guidance Promotion of personal hygiene with a focus on handwashing with soap and other related behavior to break the transmission of COVID19 is already instructed. The place where water is unavailable you will get sanitizer. When entering the hotel or other places you will be sanitized for your safety. 


  1. Nutrition 

As this pandemic is due to the low immune system of the body nutritional food should be consumed so where ever you are staying ask for the nutrition food. So that your immune system increases this pandemic decrease


As the safety is managed properly by the side by the government and the citizens it's your responsibility to wear masks as walk and follow other instructions given by the health organization and the local government as it is for your safety. Maintaining social distancing and avoiding the crowd is the ultimate solution as the medication for this is still on research. 


It’s not why Nepal it’s about why not Nepal.

There is a quote for Nepal heaven is myth Nepal is real. It is a place for refreshment to all the nature lover travelers. The snowcapped mountain, natural resources, beautiful landscape attracts a lot of tourists every year. A lot of adventure seekers found Nepal as an interesting destination. But this time the situation is a bit different coronavirus pandemic has made all the trip to be canceled. This pandemic has affected badly in Nepal’s tourism industries. 


Due to this pandemic, the trip of travelers in Nepal is being canceled. But we hope that exploring Nepal is possible after the whole world becomes free from this pandemic. People are in doubt whether to book or to wait for days to be normal to book the trip. However, new ideas are being innovated in this sector for example book today visit upcoming days and increase the interest you have paid today for tomorrow. There is no charge for this pandemic.  


The best prevention for this pandemic is to avoid gathering and maintaining social-distancing. So, local transportation and airlines have been closed viewing the situation. Nepal Tourism Boards (NTB) has strictly prohibited for any kind of trip and trek. As travelers are may not feel safe during a pandemic it is not possible. If you want to make your trip to Nepal, you can book now and make your trip after the opening of tourism.


Nepal lies between two countries India and China where a large number of cases are observed to be high. In the beginning, Nepal was not affected but being the middle of two countries India and china number of cases are increasing day by day World Health Organization (WHO) has declared it a danger-zone.


Traveling helps people to make their minds free from several problems they might be facing in their daily life. The dream of travelers not just to make some free time to travel to different beautiful places but to gain pleasure during their trip. Before traveling, travelers must observe the problem that may arise and also manage the solution to tackle the problem. But sometimes there is no good solution to the problem for example this pandemic which didn’t leave a single country. As it is a communicable disease traveler cancels their trip concerning about their health as health is one of the most valuable assets everyone possesses. 


The fest of Visit Nepal year 2020 was continuing But as soon as  Nepali citizens started to becomes the victim the government decides to postpone the fest and other promotional programs. As a result, the dreams became dim.


There was hope that the new booking will start but the cases of increase in these viruses dim the hope. The industries are suffering not only an economic crisis but also a crisis of idea to start it again. This period is becoming worst as many salaries to staff, rents and interests are increasing day by day.


In this context, Nepal is safe to visit both domestic and international tourists. However, still, there are not any health emergencies with coronavirus cases in Nepal.


Nepal is safe to visit as both the governmental bodies and the private sector of Nepal is working on to control this outbreak from their side. Visiting Nepal will not affect your travel experience with proper care and precaution; you can travel to Nepal safely.


Due to constant care by government authorities and swift medical response around the world, the spread of the virus has been under control globally. A separate health desk manned by doctors and health professionals has been set up at Tribhuvan International Airport as well as in all border points along with Nepal and China as well as in India so feel free, safe, and secure to visit Nepal.


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