11 Reasons to Hire a Trekking Guide during Your Trekking Journey

11 Reasons to Hire a Trekking Guide during Your Trekking Journey

Professional Trekking is government-authorized personnel who tours you around the Hills and mountains. Trekking Guide Hire in Nepal is now compulsory for trekkers who want to explore the Himalayas of Nepal. You can say trekking guide as a Trekking expert as well. We know the trekking trail, local cultures, accommodations, permits, safety measures, viewpoints, and so on. Hiring a trekking guide is beneficial for both trekkers and socio-cultural aspects or even the whole nation.


Trekking Guide Team Adventure Pvt. Ltd. Team is here to assist you in providing a professional trekking guide for your next trekking in Nepal. We offer the best trekking packages along with top-notch services in the Himalayas of Nepal. Our guide is government-licensed and a trekking expert in each particular trekking region of Nepal. We have been providing well-experienced, multi-lingual (Chinese and Spanish), Certified, and skillful trekking guides for the last two decades. Therefore, contact us for any kind of travel and trekking services in Nepal.


Here are the 11 reasons to hire a trekking Guide during your trekking Journey:


1) Safety and Security:

Trekking in the higher elevation is always a risk factor. Your safety is one of the 11 reasons to hire a trekking guide during your trekking journey. High Altitude sickness and other natural accidents are unpredictable. Therefore, a professional trekking guide helps you in avoiding possible dangers during the trek. Moreover, if you get into some crisis, a trekking guide assist you in that situation. In addition, if the situation gets worse like altitude sickness, he can call for medical help or Helicopter Rescue.


2) Proper Navigation of the trail:

Trekking in Nepal is somehow easy in terms of trekking routes. However, in some trekking points, you may not find any sign to follow the trail. Therefore, it can be confusing. Most of the trekking routes pass through unpaved roads, narrow trails, inhabitant settlements, etc. An experienced trekking guide knows how to navigate the confusing trail. Therefore, we suggest hiring an experienced guide for the particular trekking region.


3) Promote the local economy:

The tourism industry is the backbone of our local economy. Hiring a local guide and promoting local products helps to increase the revenue of a particular community. It helps in improving their living standard. Hiring a local guide gives them employment opportunities. Your small contribution of hiring a trekking guide can bring happiness to their families.


4) Local cultural experience:

Besides huge gigantic mountains, Nepal has several ethnic groups in several parts of the trekking regions. While you stop by a particular teahouse on the trail, you can experience the culture and lifestyle of the local people. A trekking guide can explain to you the history of the particular culture and its practices. Moreover, trekking with a professional trekking guide allows you to be involved in festivals and rituals too. Trekking solo, you may not get an opportunity to experience any kind of culture.


5) Provides hidden views of the Himalayas:

To enjoy the majestic views of the Himalayas, trekkers need to be in the right spot.  A trekking guide with his experience knows the exact spot to enjoy the best views. The particular views of the mountain peaks can be your lifetime experience.


6) Quality Logistic facilities:

Generally, logistics means accommodation, meals, and transportation facilities. During peak trekking season, it can be difficult for you to manage all these facilities in advance without a professional trekking guide. Moreover, you may not get proper hotel rooms in the teahouses if you trek by yourself. Else, there is a high chance of paying more money for low-quality rooms. Likewise, just like in hotel rooms, when solo trekkers manage transportation, there is a high chance of paying more money for a private vehicle.

Therefore, Hire a trekking guide who has good relations with hotel managers. You can get high-quality rooms at a low price. In addition, even if the hotel rooms are fully booked, they can suggest or find a good place to stay for you. In addition, trekking guides can manage private vehicles on a very low budget.


7) Motivation:

No matter how experienced a trekker you are, at some point, you will get mentally and physically fatigued. At that particular time, the trekking guide encourages you to reach your destination. He provides mental motivation, and encouragement, and pushes you in your every step. Sometimes while travelling our self-motivation is lacking because of our physical weakness. With a trekking guide, he may even help you with your luggage or backpack when you feel low. They provide you with self-confidence, entertain you, make you laugh, and so on.


8) Assist you in the local language barrier:

Whenever you trek in the remote part of Nepal, language is the most important tool. People from the remote part of Nepal rarely speak the English language. Therefore, if you are a solo trekker, communication with local people can be very difficult. During the trek, if you need any emergency help, you cannot express when you need it if they do not understand you. Also, if you lose your way towards your destination, you just can’t ask the help. But, if you hire trekking guide, he can translate for you in the local language or the Nepali language. He may teach you some common Nepali words too.


9) Provides you with Environmental Awareness:

While trekking in the Himalayan regions, environmental awareness is the most important. The trekking guide teaches you about responsible tourism along the journey. Preserving the trekking routes and their beauty is the responsibility of trekkers and trekking guides.


10) A friend for a lifetime:

You will spend most of the time with your trekking guide when you hire one. They can be your friend for the rest of your life after sharing wonderful moments during the trek. Likewise, hiring a guide makes your trip more convenient and comfortable. From serving your food to carrying your luggage when needed, they can be your lifetime memory as a friend.


11) Provide you mountain rules and regulation:

Before and during your trek, you have to follow certain rules and regulations. Trekkers may not have all the ideas about rules to follow in trekking regions. You must respect the culture of a particular community. Likewise, in some trekking areas, eating meat is prohibited. Similarly, along the trek, some parts of the trails are restricted as well. There are different rules and regulations in different trekking regions. If you trek with a guide, he will let you know about all these rules. Even though if you violate some rules mistakenly, if you have a guide, they can consider it for once.

How to choose the best trekking guide?


Trekking Guide Hire in Nepal can be tricky and confusing to choose for your trip. However, most of the trekking agencies have their qualified guide. Nevertheless, even if you hire a guide from a particular trekking agency, you have to look after a few aspects. These aspects can help you choose the best trekking guide for your trekking journey.

A qualified guide should be well-trained in different sectors like first aid, environment, culture, and crisis management.

Meet with your guide to learn his communication skills, plan for the trek, itinerary, etc.

Ask about his working experience in the related fields.

Check social media or reviews for the recommendations of the guide.

Lastly, a professional trekking guide should have his certificate and license. Make sure, the guide has both of them.



Hence, it is always a safer side to Hire Trekking Guide. They are not only a person who shows you the route but also a friend, rescuer, and means of communication. Therefore, to make your trekking journey enjoyable and comfortable with all safety and security, we suggest hiring a professional trekking guide.

Most Asked Question on Hiring Trekking Guide in Nepal:


1) What is the cost of a trekking guide per day in Nepal?

The cost of a trekking guide in Nepal ranges from $25-$35 per day.


2) Is trekking guide hire in Nepal mandatory?

As of 1st April 2023, trekkers must have a guide with them throughout the trekking journey.


3) How to identify a government-licensed trekking guide in Nepal?

Before hiring a trekking guide, ask him about his experience and display his license before you hire one.


4) Is it safe for female trekkers to hire a trekking guide?

You can try to search for a female trekking guide as well but there are few numbers. Besides that, hiring a trekking guide is always safe for both male and female trekkers.


5) How much should I give a tip to a trekking guide?

Tips depend on the service a guide provides to you. If you are happy with his service, you can thank him with a tip.


6) Can I hire a guide from the middle of the trek or local area?

You can hire a guide from the local area but they are not government-licensed. Also, they are costly as well as risky too.

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