Gokyo Lake Trek

Gokyo Lake Trek

A small settlement beside a beautiful lake, surrounded by giant snow-capped mountains, Gokyo Lake Trek, is an exceptional experience. Yes, everyone dreams of visiting such a place once in their lifetime, but not everyone gets to get there.  


One needs lots of dedication, time, and enthusiasm for a trek. But more importantly, trekking costs money. In fact, trekking can cost a significant amount of money, and it can become a major issue in your travel. 


Gokyo lake trek cost can be optimized and managed. Gokyo lake trek cost depends on how you travel, what you eat, what you take with you, and how you stay. One can complete this trek with a budget of around 1300 USD


But there are certain things which can cost you more if you do not manage your travel properly. In this article, I am going to talk all about the Gokyo Lake Trek cost. 

I am going to talk about all the major costs which cannot be avoided. I am also going to highlight the secondary expenses, which you can minimize in some manner. 


Primary Gokyo Lake Trek Cost

Every trip includes some primary expenses which cannot be avoided. One can optimize some of these expenses.


Gokyo lake trek takes you into the Sagarmatha National Park. Hence, you need a permit to get into this area. This permit costs you around $30 if you are from a Non-SAARC country. And it will cost you about $15 if you are from a SAARC country.


Besides the National Park permit, you also need a local area permit. This permit will cost you around $20.


You can get these permits in the Tourism Board office in Kathmandu. Or you can also get these in Monjo village, which comes after Lukla and Phakding.


And if you book this tour with Nepal Guide trekking, we will take care of everything. Contact us for further information.



Your actual trek starts at Lukla. And there are not many ways for you to get to Lukla but taking a flight. This 35 minutes scenic flight costs about $150 (one way). 


The Lukla flight cost depends on seasons, as well. It might increase a few dollars during trekking seasons.



Because Gokyo lake trek is one of the most famous trekking routes in Nepal, there are plenty of tea houses and hotels built in this route. But these places get full during the peak trekking seasons.


It will cost you $3 to $6 per person for accommodation in the tea houses in Gokyo.


Food and Drinks

The Everest region is one of the most remote places in Nepal. There are no proper roads and transportation in this region. Everything needs to be carried or flown to the local area. This sole reason makes food and drinks expensive in this trekking route.


A single meal can cost $5 to $8, depending on what you order. Also, these prices increase in the higher altitudes. In general, one might have to pay $15 to $25 for three basic meals per day.


You can get different varieties of foods in the tea houses. And different foods have different prices in accordance. 


Water gets expensive in the higher altitudes. Water can cost $1 to $3 per liter, depending on the altitude and conditions. Boiled water costs more than normal water. 


Similarly, you can find different drinks like varieties of tea, soup, hot chocolate, and many more. Such drinks can cost 1$ to $4 per serve.


Packing Cost

Packing is where many people fail at optimizing. You need to pack a lot of things for Gokyo lake trek. But you do not want to overpack. Make sure you pack all the important things and leave unnecessary things behind.


I have seen many trekkers packing more than required and regret later. Packing wisely reduces your expenses and makes this trip even better. This trek does not include any tactical climbing or technical advancing. Hence you do not need any advanced trekking gears.


Packing costs depends on what you buy and where you buy it. You can get all the required gears and clothing in Kathmandu. And if you are good at bargaining, you can hit the jackpot in local stores in Thamel.


Secondary Gokyo Lake Trek Cost

Besides the primary expenses, there are lots of secondary expenses, as well. These secondary costs can be avoided as well, but most of them are recommended. Hence you might add these costs in your notes.


Travel Guide and Porter

Yes, this trek is doable without a guide and a porter. Still, I recommend you take a guide with you. Taking a guide with you always turns out to be a better decision.


A guide will charge around $20 to $30 per day depending on the season you visit, or how experienced the guide is. A guide becomes your ultimate friend during your trekking.


Similarly, taking a porter can cost upto $20 per day. Porter’s cost widely depends on your packing, as well. You can bargain with the porter if you have lighter bags. If you are lucky, you might even get a porter for $10 per day.


Travel insurance

You can opt-out of this expense as well, but this trekking takes you at an altitude of 5400m from sea level. Therefore I recommend you get travel insurance that covers emergency flight above 5000m.


Such insurance costs well over $100, and depends on seasons, weather, and the travel duration. 


Travel Duration and Extension

It’s true that everyone travels with a certain schedule in their mind. But the duration of your journey might get an extension due to various reasons. The weather in the Everest region can be unpredictable. Bad weather can increase your stay in the Everest region.


You might want to visit Everest Base Camp as well. And this adds to your trekking days. If for any reason, you add some days to your travel, you have to be prepared to add some more expenses to your list as well.


Added days lead to added expenses in accommodation, food, and cost for guides and porter as well. Hence added days to your travel significantly increases the Gokyo lake trek cost.


Other Gokyo Lake Trek Cost

Charging Your Devices

Charging your electronic devices can cost you a significant amount of money in the higher altitudes. It might cost you about $1 for an hour of charge. 


Hot Shower

It might sound strange, but you might need to pay for a hot shower as well. The last proper hot shower is available in Namche Bazaar. 


Although it is very unlikely that you will take a shower during your trek, maintaining hygiene is most important. And if you do think of taking a hot shower, it does not come for free. 


Expense On Will

There are a few numbers of schools and children's organizations in the Everest region. Although it is not mandatory, you might want to donate some money in their support and assist. 


You might want to bring souvenirs from the Everest region as well. Yes, your friends and family back home could be expecting something from the well-renowned Everest region. Also, it adds to your trekking expenses as well. 


How to Optimize the Gokyo Lake Trek Cost

There are some tips following which you can manage or minimize some of your expenses during this trek. 


  • Traveling in a group helps to minimize your expenses. It will save your money on accommodation and guide.
  • Eat all the possible meals at the same hotel you are staying in. I would not say for sure, but doing so can save you some money on accommodation.
  • Hiring your gears in Kathmandu can be cheaper than buying your own. 
  • Pack a high-power portable charger. You do not have to pay more for charging your device if you do so.
  • Pack a thermos and tea bags. This way, you can pay for hot water, and make tea by yourself.
  • Take enough snacks with you. The prices gets elevates with the altitude.
  • You would want to pack water purifying tablets. You can fill your bottle with water and purify before drinking it. 
  • Make sure you maintain a good relationship with your guide and porter. They know the areas well, which might help you a lot.
  • As mentioned earlier, always pack light and enough. Do not overpack.
  • Bargain with the guide and porter beforehand.
  • Some Tips for Gokyo Lake Trek 
  • Make sure you have enough Nepali money in cash. You will not find any ATMs or machines in the higher altitudes.
  • Stay hydrated at all times. You have to drink plenty of water.
  • Make sure you maintain your hygiene. You would not want to get sick or infected in such a remote area.
  • Always know your health status before the trek. I suggest you visit your doctor beforehand.
  • If you get altitude sickness, you have to descend asap. Get to a lower altitude, catch your breath, and rest for a while. When you think you can go again, start ascending at a slow pace. After that you have to rest often.
  • Do not overdo anything.
  • Make sure you sleep well and rest well.
  • If you need an extra acclimatization day, take it.
  • Always listen to the guide.
  • Keep the environment clean. Always follow the local and Nepal government rules.



The Gokyo lakes are truly beautiful. Gokyo village is mesmerizing. The Everest region is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Of course, getting there is not easy, and it definitely is not free. 


But the reward you get is extraordinary. You will be surrounded by mountains and beautiful landscapes. Gokyo lake trek cost can be overwhelming to some, but the place is priceless. You will not regret spending such money on your travel.


You can always minimize your expenses, and I have told you how. So, pack your bags and make Gokyo your next destination. 

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