Everest Base Camp Trek In November

Everest Base Camp Trek In November

This Everest Base Camp Trek takes you into the heart of the Khumbu region at the foot of the world’s highest peak. It is a dream destination for travellers with thousands of enthusiastic trekkers flocking every year to immerse themselves in the beauty of the Mahalangur Himalayan range


Surrounded by gigantic mountains and the verdant wildlife in panorama, the trek promises to give you an experience that fills up your pockets with unforgettable memories.


November marks the autumn season in Nepal and is an ideal time for the EBC trek. Due to the open skies and crystal clear views of the snow-capped mountains, it sees heavy traffic of tourists along the route.

If you are opting to go for the EBC trek, then I assure you, there is no month better than this one. The ending of the rainy season brings dense layers of snows on the mountain tops providing jaw-dropping views for the spectators. Also, due to the clear skies and favourable weather, delays will no longer be an issue for travellers.


So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags for the thrilling Everest Base Camp Trek in November if witnessing pure and picturesque scenery is what you desire!

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Highlights Of The Everest Base Camp Trek In November:

  • Thrilling and scenic flight from Kathmandu to Lukla.
  • Opportunity to witness the world’s highest peak up close.
  • Chance to visit the ancient and well renowned Tengboche Monastery.
  • Incredible 360-degree views of the surrounding mountains from Kala Pattar.
  • The open skies and pleasant weather offer majestic views of the surroundings.
  • Opportunity to witness the rich culture and lifestyle of the local Sherpas.
  • Jaw-dropping views of the snow-capped mountains such as Lhotse, Ama Dablam, Cho Oyu, etc.


Weather During The Everest Base Camp Trek In November:

Since November is the last month of the autumn season in Nepal, you can expect pleasant weather throughout your journey. The temperature fluctuates between 6 degrees to 12 degrees during the daytime. The temperature drops quite low in the nighttime, but proper clothing and sleeping bags will ensure not to pose low temperatures as a barrier.


November also brings clear skies which blesses you with absolutely majestic views of the mountains. The visibility is fantastic, and it is very rare to see clouds covering the mountains. So you can enjoy the best views of Everest, and it’s neighbouring peaks from various viewpoints throughout your trek.


Here are some rough calculations of weather in specific locations of the Everest Base Camp trek in November.


Average Temp

Maximum Temp

Minimum Temp





Namche Baazar












Gorak Shep






Trails For The Everest Base Camp Trek In November

There are multiple trails for the base camp trek each with their distinctive features. You can opt for different paths depending on whether you prefer jam-packed trails or isolated trails.


The conventional trail is mostly crowded during November since it is the peak season. However, if you enjoy the energy of a large crowd along the trails, then the conventional route is the best option for you!


The traditional route commences from Lukla and follows the settlements of Lobuche, Dingboche, Pangboche, Gorakshep and eventually into Everest Base Camp.


For a more isolated route away from the jam-packed trails the Gokyo-EBC trail can be a suitable option. Even in peak seasons, this route sees lesser traffic than the conventional way. It allows you to travel EBC in absolute peace and serenity. You also get to witness the magnificent Gokyo valley and its glistening lakes.


The Gokyo route, unlike the conventional way, separates from Namche following Macchermo and Dole into the Gokyo valley. The route then passes through the Chola pass into Lobuche from where EBC is accessible.


The third classic and longer route is the Jiri To EBC route. It was a route many early day trekkers including Sir Edmund Hillary took due to the absence of airstrip in Lukla. The Jiri route through longer helps you to acclimatize appropriately. Since the development of the airport in Lukla, this is often a less-travelled route making it pristine and isolated.So, If you want to avoid the crowded trails and the dangerous plane ride, then this route is the best option for you!



Food And Accommodation During The Everest Base Camp Trek In November:

Since November season is a peak season for tourists, it is going to be challenging to find accommodation if you do not book the rooms in advance. Almost all the tea-houses and lodges are open throughout November except for some rare occasions.


The rooms are basic, with twin-sharing bedrooms and a shared bathroom. Some of the tea houses even provide Wi-Fi and hot water facilities at the expense of some extra cost.


Along with lodges and teahouses, many restaurants and cafes are also available along the trail. They provide all the essential meals. The conventional meal is the Nepali Thakali Set consisting of rice, lentils, spinach, meat, and a variety of pickles.


Some restaurants even provide western food or bakery items. However, as you go higher, these restaurants start getting more and more limited.


Due to the high number of tourists, getting meals requires you might wait in long queues. You can avoid staying in long lines by informing the staff in advance what you want. 



Permits Required For The Everest Base Camp Trek:

You require two essential permits for the EBC trek.

  1. Location Entry: NRs. 2000 (US $20)
  2. Sagarmatha Conservation Area Entry Permit: NRs. 3400 (US $34)


You can get them from both Kathmandu and Lukla. However, it is better to purchase them from Kathmandu as there is a slight price difference in Lukla.



Advantages Of Taking The Everest Base Camp Trek In November:


✔ Clear weather with incredible views

During November, the skies are more clear, providing excellent views of the snow-covered peaks. The days are sunny and blissful with only a few white clouds swirling above and the chilly winds whizzing past you. The whole months offers ideal conditions for trekking.


✔ Moderate Temperatures

The climate throughout November in the Khumbu region is reasonably moderate with temperatures fluctuating between  12℃- 16℃  during the day and dropping around -7℃ to 2℃ during nightfall. However, locations at higher elevations have a much colder climate with chances of snowfall. With the help of warm clothes or a suitable sleeping bag, low temperatures should not pose an issue.


✔ Peak Tourist Season

Since November is a peak tourist season, you will find a lot of tourists along the trail. You can meet up with different people from different countries and share stories along the way. Even if you are trekking solo, navigating will never be an issue. You will meet frequent trekkers who can guide you on the right trail.


✔ Blooming Vegetation

In the autumn season, the flowers are in full bloom turning the valleys lush and green offering rewarding views for the passersbys. The picturesque scenery of the bloomy flowers and lush vegetation with the mountains in the backdrop contributes to a picture of a lifetime.


Mani Rimdu Festival

While visiting the Everest base camp trek in November, you get to witness the unique Mani Rimdu Festival. Locals celebrate this significant festival at the Tengboche monastery. Locals celebrate the festival to enact the victory of Buddhism over Bon religion.



Tips For The Everest Base Camp Trek In November:


Pre-book your accommodations

It is always suitable to pre-book your accommodations due to the heavy congestion of tourists during November. If you fail to do so, you might have to walk a few kilometres further to the next village to look for accommodation.


Carry Lightweight and Warmer Clothes

Since the end of November month slowly starts transitioning to a colder climate, you’ll need to carry warmer clothes to protect yourself from the cold. Be sure to bring clothes which guarantee you warmth but also aren't heavyweight. Heavyweight clothes drain your body and create unwanted fatigue, so it’s best to avoid them.


Carry a Water Bottle.

Being hydrated is one of the crucial factors during treks. These keep your body cool and energized. It also helps to reduce the chances of falling prey to altitude sickness. So be sure to carry a water bottle and fill it with purified water for staying hydrated throughout the journey.


Travel With A Guide

Peak seasons is a very crowded time on the trail with limited accommodations and long queues for food. So travelling with a guide can be beneficial as you do not have to worry about accommodation and food! Their local knowledge and fascinating stories are also bound to keep you entertained all through the journey. 



Poor acclimatization increases the risk of altitude sickness that can cut your trip short. So ascend slowly and take a few days to acclimatize yourself, to reduce the chances of AMS or other altitude-related illnesses. Carrying Ibuprofen and Diamox is also recommended.



Necessary Equipment For The Everest base camp trek in November

The temperature and climate of the EBC trek during November is moderate and tolerable. Thus it is not necessary to pack heavier clothes to stay warm. Modest clothes and good sleeping bags can do the trick. Also, be sure to pack as light as possible to avoid draining your body down during long trekking days. 


Here are some of the essential equipment for the Everest Base Camp trek in November


  • Warm and waterproof Jackets
  • Robust and sturdy built trekking shoes
  • Synthetic shirts and trousers
  • Good pair of winter jackets
  • Warm woollen gloves and hats
  • A Muscular and waterproof backpack.
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Trekking Poles and Headtorch
  • Water Bottle
  • Sunglasses
  • Travel size toiletries



November remains the peak season of travellers visiting the Everest Base Camp. The bright blue skies, radiant weather, and the backdrop of the glazing mountains give you an experience of a lifetime. If you are looking forward to taking the Everest base camp trek in November, we here can organize flexible packages dedicated to providing you with a sublime trekking experience.

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