Everest Base Camp Trek food

Everest Base Camp Trek food

What food options will I have during our Everest base camp trek? It is one of the most frequently asked questions by our trekkers once they sign up for the epic Everest base camp trek. Trekking to the Everest region is an achievement in itself, considering the altitude that one will be gaining during the trip. And fueling the body with the necessary supplement is one of the most important things one needs to focus on before starting the journey to the base camp.


After receiving tons of queries about food, drinking water, shower, and wifi facility in the Everest region, we have prepared a blog entitled Everest base camp trek food giving an overview of the foods and services you will come across during the trip. So do read the full blog to get some mind-blowing facts and to know in detail about varieties of Food in Everest base camp.



What you will eat in a day on the EBC trek?

Although Nepal is known around the world as the home to Everest, there are other hundreds of things to rejoice about during your trip to Nepal. And among the list, the delicious cuisines prepared by using fresh herbs and spices is one of the major highlights of the country. The staple Nepali food Dal and Bhat served with other side dishes like fried vegetables, meat, pickle, and spinach will leave your taste bud dancing with its flavorful aroma and taste.


Although the menu of the tea houses may vary as you move from Namche to Gorakhshep, you will not get bored with the dishes they serve in the upper Himalayas. So what exactly is the Everest Base camp food? Let's discover it now,



As you start your journey to the base camp, breakfast becomes the most important meal for the day because you will be trekking through the highs and lows in the scorching sun for hours. Hence, keeping in mind the needs of trekkers, the tea houses offer refreshing and healthy breakfast options that allow trekkers to get the necessary nutrients for the day.


Below mentioned is the list of breakfast items that you can savor during your trek:

  • Bread: It is one of the most common breakfasts available in the tea houses of the Everest region. You can try Plain toast, Honey toast, Jam toast, Cheese toast, Toast bread with egg and cheese according to your taste.


  • Eggs: Another common breakfast item on the list is eggs. You can go for Boiled eggs, Plain omelets, Scrambled eggs, Poached eggs, or cheese omelets the way you like.


  • Muesli with hot Milk: This is one of the most healthy breakfast options you will get during the trip. Along with the muesli and hot milk, you can also enjoy the fluffiest Pancakes that are worth trying.


  • Porridges: A wide variety of Porridges can be found in the trekking trails as you move to the upper region. The most common porridges are Oat Porridge and Apple Porridge.



The lunchtime during the trek happens to be around 12-1 pm, and by this time, you will be ready to tuck in some rich yet tasty Nepali or continental dish according to your preferences. If you have not tried the Nepali staple dish, this is your chance to relish in the richness of the Nepali cuisines and celebrate life amidst the Himalayas.


  • Dal Bhat: The boiled rice is served with lentil soup, vegetables, pickle, and non-veg items as per your wish. Even if you are vegan, this rice meal is the best option for you as you can choose VEG Dal Bhat over Non-veg dal bhat served with chicken or fish. If Dal Bhat is not your type, you can also try egg fried rice, veg fried rice, or mixed fried rice.


  • Noodles and MOMO: The upper region of Everest is popular for Tibetan dishes, Thukpa, and luscious MOMO. The noodle soup is served with vegetables/chicken and pulses while the steamed MOMO filled with minced vegetables and meat is served with a side Aachar. The MOMO may vary from Veg, Chicken, Buff to Cheese MOMO.


  • Pasta and Macaronies: The Nepali style Pasta and Macaronies is a must-try during your Everest trip. You can try the Cheese fried pasta, Plain macaroni, Macaroni with cheese, vegetables, and egg.


  • Spaghetti: Well, we cannot forget spaghetti served with tomato sauce/vegetables/cheese and tuna.


  • Pizza and Sandwiches: Yes, you read it right. You can also enjoy Pizza and sandwiches during your trek. The option you get may vary from chicken, mushroom to mixed pizza, egg/cheese, and tuna sandwich.



Now is the time to replace all the calories you burn during the day. So don’t think twice to fill your stomach. The dinner is served between 7-8 pm and is mainly the traditional Nepali dish, Dal and Bhat. If you had dal bhat for your lunch and want to try something else, you can choose anything from the lunch menu and fill your hungry stomach and get a sound nice tight sleep.


Now that we have already talked about the food in Everest base camp. Let's know more about the other facilities of the region.




Although your body will crave some meatloaf after walking for days, we do not recommend our trekkers eat meat during the base camp trek. The main reason behind this is that the Sherpa in the upper region forbids slaughtering of animals, which means the meat prepared in most of the teahouses has to be brought from the lower region or directly from Kathmandu. The meat brought from the lower region/Kathmandu is then transported to the upper region on the back of porter or mules after several days without refrigeration and treatment. Hence eating such meat during trekking can mess up your health. So it's NOT TO MEAT during the trek


Everest Base Camp Wifi Facility:

Well, who does not want to show off the beauty of the Himalayas through live streaming during the base camp trip? But is that even possible? To your surprise, it is possible. With the availability of WIFI in the teahouses, trekkers can easily post the unadulterated sceneries of the Himalayas at the exact moment.


However, the teahouses charge you extra money for the service, so we recommend you to buy a SIM and data while you are in Kathmandu and get reliable connectivity almost everywhere you trek in the region. Cause getting updated with your family and posting stories in IG is a must-to-do thing during the EBC trek.


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Everest Base Camp Shower Facility

After completing a day of strenuous walk, your body will automatically ask you for a nice shower as soon as you arrive at the tea house overnight. And yes, these tea houses have shower facilities too, but it does come up with a price. On average, you have to pay USD 4-7 for a hot shower.


But if you are not willing to pay the amount just for a shower, we recommend you to pack some baby wipes/wet wipes and extra undergarments so that you can clean your body in a budget-friendly.



Everest Base Camp Drinking Facility

Hundreds of trekkers trekking in the Everest region reported having suffered from diarrhea and bad stomach because of drinking the untreated tap water. So if you are trekking for the first time, let us give you some tips to avoid any health hazards caused due to drinking water.


Bottled water: Drinking bottled water is a safe but costly way to keep yourself safe from having any health hazards. However, in the year 2020 the local Government of the Khumbu region banned plastic bottles in the Everest region, so do keep this in your mind and carry your water bottle that can store hot water as well.


Boiled water: This is one of the commonly used methods to treat the water. Although it is one of the convenient options available, you do have to pay extra money for the water. The charge may vary according to the cup and altitude you are in. You can get hot water from NPR.50 to 1200 for a large pot.


Purification tablets: Most trekkers trekking in the region prefer carrying purification tablets during their Everest trip. Using purification tablets is the easiest way to purify water without spending tons of money in comparison to hot and bottled water. Although the tablet takes some time for purification, this can be a life savior for you. So don’t forget to pack some of these for the trip.



People Also Ask:


1) What food options are available in the trail for vegans?

✔ There are a whole lot of options for vegan on the trail, and below-mentioned are some Everest base camp vegan food items:


From bread, porridges, and muesli with hot milk to pasta, macaroni, pizza, sandwich, momo, Thukpa, and hearty Dal Bhat, you can enjoy the flavors of Nepal most remarkably.


2) Is there any gluten-free food on the trail?

✔ Yes, there are gluten-free foods on the trail. Some of the Everest base camp gluten-free food are Apple Porridges, Eggs, Rice and pulses, Sherpa stew, Potato, Corn, and others.


3) Can I charge my camera battery and mobile phone during the trek?

✔ Yes, you can charge your electronics and camera battery during the trek. However, you have to pay an extra amount, and the charges may vary according to place. But we usually recommend our trekkers bring a power bank along with them so that they can cut off the extra charges during the trip.


4) What type of toilets is available on an Everest base camp trek?

✔ As you move from Lukla to base camp, you will come across the squat toilets. Nepalese find these toilets way more hygienic as it does not require you to touch the seat like western toilets. The most important tip for these toilets is to pack toilet paper and hand sanitizer.


5) What is the best time to visit Everest base camp?

✔ The best time to visit the base camp is from February to May and September to November. During this time of the year, the weather is clear, and you can witness some of the magical sights of the Himalayas adorned by the blooming rhododendron flower.



Choosing the right food during the trek is very important, as it will determine your trekking experience in the region at the end. So make sure that you are hydrated and your body is getting sufficient nutrients required for your body.


If you can pack some snacks likes protein bars, candies, and others, it will come in handy during the trip. Well, if you have read the full blog, you must have got the overall idea of EBC trek food and are already planning for your next trip to Nepal.


If you are planning for the trip already, contact us now, and we will offer you a flexible itinerary according to your requirements.


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