Best Camping Places in Kathmandu

Best Camping Places in Kathmandu

Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, is full of ancient cultural heritages, some of which are also on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites. However, apart from arts, architecture, and culture, Kathmandu Valley also offers a natural essence for nature lovers. With beautiful hills and mountains at the edges of the valley, it is possible to go camping in Kathmandu. You have to drive or hike for a few hours to reach those camping sites in Kathmandu. However, hiking would be a better choice than driving to reach camping sites.

You may be wondering if there are the best camping sites in Kathmandu. Here we are giving you the information regarding the best camping sites around Kathmandu. You can go camping with your friends, families, couples, etc. It is an easy getaway from hustling and bustling Kathmandu city. Camping in Kathmandu can be done in a single day or multiple days. It depends on your choice.


Here are the Best Camping Paces in Kathmandu:


1) Camping in Hattiban:

Hattiban Camping is one of the closest and best camping places in Kathmandu. Hattiban in English means “Elephant Forest”. However, you will not be able to see any Elephant here in this forest. The forest is around 20 Km away from Kathmandu. You can spend the overnight over here collecting the firewood and setting the camp. The next morning, enjoy the amazing views of Kathmandu with hot tea or coffee.


3) Nagarkot Camping:


Nagarkot is a popular destination among international and domestic tourists for weekend getaways. However, if you want to enjoy your holiday or weekend camping, then it is a perfect spot. Nagarkot is 32 KM away in the northeast of Kathmandu Valley. Spending overnight in Nagarkot and enjoying the sunrise view the next day makes your camping worth it. Moreover, if the weather is clear, you can see dazzling views of the Langtang range, Ganesh Himal, Manaslu, and other small peaks.


3) Kakani Camping:


Kakani is another popular camping site around the Kathmandu Valley. It is more famous for trout fish. You can have a campfire and enjoy the different varieties of fish. The village of Kakani gives you the typical vibes of the local culture. One can enjoy the views of multiple mountain ranges like Langtang, Annapurna, and Manaslu. To reach Kakani Village, you have two options, by either vehicle or day hiking. If you take a vehicle, it takes around 2 hours to reach this village.


4) Shivapuri Camping:


Camping at Shivapura is perhaps the closest camping site to Kathmandu Valley. It is just 12 km from Kathmandu. Moreover, you are camping inside the Shivapuri National Park, which means, it takes you close to nature and wildlife. A birdwatching tour is also possible along with camping in Shivapuri. With beautiful views of the Himalayas and Kathmandu Valley, it is one of the best camping places in Kathmandu.


5) Balthali Village Camping:


Another exotic place that can offer both hiking and camping experience is Balthali village. The village provides the beauty of terrace farming and lush green hills. Balthali village offers majestic views of the Himalayas, rural houses, alpine forests, and Buddhist stupas. A day Hike to Balthali Village and overnight camping is an excellent combination to spend the weekend.


6) Chitlang-Markhu-Kulekhani Camping:


Chitlang, Markhu, and Kulekhani are the bordering villages that lie in the south of Kathmandu. If you choose to camp in Kulekhni then setting up at the bank of Kulekhani Lake is perfect. Likewise, in Markhu and Chitlang, you can spend overnight in nearby villages. Kulekhani Lake, organic farms, Newari settlements, etc. are the attractions of this camping tour. During your camping, it is an excellent opportunity to taste organic fruits and vegetables from the farm.


7) Lele Village Camping:


Lele Village camping is a bit unique and different place than other camping sites. It gives you a typical village atmosphere with agricultural beauty. It lies just 14 km away from the capital city, Kathmandu. Lele Village is widely known for its mushroom and wine production. Carrying the camping gear and equipment, you can visit Lele and experience authentic village life. Moreover, travelers who are fond of agriculture can help the local people on their farms.


"Are you looking for the Hiking Places Near Kathmandu?"

Why go camping around Kathmandu Valley?


If you are in Kathmandu and want to stay closer to nature, then spending overnight in a camp is the best option. There are so many benefits of camping around Kathmandu Valley.


•    Easy and short camping trails near Kathmandu.
•    It offers exotic views of Kathmandu Valley and other surrounding villages.
•    Picturesque views of green forests, traditional villages, terraced farmlands, and snow-capped mountains.
•    Get close to the local community, and enjoy their local lifestyle.
•    Perfect idea to spend quality time with your loved ones. 


Gear and Equipment for Camping in Kathmandu:


Camping is only possible if you have proper camping gear and equipment. Trekking Guide Team Adventure will help you get these gear and equipment before the start of the camping.

✔ Sleeping Gear: Tent, Tarp, Sleeping Bag, Mattress, and Pillow.

✔ Cooking Equipment: Stove, Fuel, Lighter, Dishes, Hot water pot, Knife, Cutting Board, Meals, Snacks, Water, Bottle, and cookware.

✔ Medical Kit: Sanitizers and basic medications.

✔ Miscellaneous: Small music system, books, camera, Headlamp, sun protection, bug protection, etc.

The best time to go camping around Kathmandu:


It is possible to go camping anytime in a year. Having said that, it is always better to avoid the monsoon season (June-August). Monsoon season receives heavy rainfall that can cause landslides, heavy storms, and other natural disasters. Apart from the monsoon season, the months of January and February are also not suitable for camping due to extreme cold. Therefore, choose the best month or day that can deliver you perfect views. Mainly, spring and autumn season is the best time to enjoy camping and views of the surroundings.


Safety Measures to follow during the camping in Kathmandu:

Safety and responsible camping are very important when you stay near the forests or wildlife area. Here is the list of tips you need to follow during your camping.

Reach your camping site on time or at least ahead of time.
Always ask permission from the local people before you set up the camps.
Set your camp in the right spot that does not harm any natural resources or wildlife.
Always carry your first aid kit.
Never misuse the fire. Once you are done with the cooking, put off the fire cautiously.
Pack wisely for your camp. Do not over-pack the unnecessary equipment and clothes.  
Manage the wastage and garbage at the end of the camping.


Hence, Camping is the perfect way to escape from the bustling town of Kathmandu Valley. In addition, if you are short in time while traveling to Nepal, you can just sneak onto one of these places to experience the beauty of nature. Trekking Guide Team Adventure is here for you to assist in setting up the camping plans in Kathmandu. We provide customized and responsible camping packages. Likewise, we make sure your camping is special and enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Question on Camping in Kathmandu:

1) Is it possible to go camping near Kathmandu Valley?

Yes, there are a few camping sites near Kathmandu Valley.


2) Should I bring a first aid kit for the camping?

Yes, a first aid kit is essential in emergency cases. Sometimes, a first-aid kit can be lifesaving too.


3) Do we need permission from local people before setting up a camp?

  It is always a good idea to ask permission before you set up a camp. If you ask permission, they may help you with providing firewood, drinking water, and other necessary stuff.


4) Can I go Hiking and Camping together?

  Yes, you can. Almost all the camping sites in Kathmandu are easily accessible through hiking.


5) How far is Nagarkot from Kathmandu?

  Nagarkot is just 32 km away from Kathmandu it takes around 2 hours to reach by Vehicle. 

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