Dolpo Region Trekking

Trekking Guide Team would like to take you on a journey on the far western region of Nepal, in complete isolated wilderness picturesque scenic views of high snow capped peaks, hidden valleys, crystal blue and into the remote cultural destination” This scenic country was captured in a movie the Caravan recently the named has been changed into Himalaya it was nominated in Oscar award as the best foreign film in 1999.


Dolpo region situated in the far corners of Northern Western part of Nepal in the midst of Tibetan Plateau and the Mt. Dhaulagiri Himalayan range and it is known as the world’s highest settle lands. It is an extension of Tibet plateau, since 1984 has been declared as the country’s largest national park and conservation, the park contains and inhabits by several species of birds and wild life including Musk Deer, Himalayan Blue Sheep and the coy, elusive Snow Leopard, as well as being home to a fascinating race of Tibetan speaking people. The strong people and hard workers another highlander of Nepal beside the Sherpa tribe, but the tribe of Dolpo are traders rather than being mountaineers like other Himalayan tribe of people, they grow and barter or exchange barley for Tibetan salt which are in rock form and durable than sea salt and strong in taste, the Dolpo people take their cattle’s and to near Tibet to graze you will be in a very fascinating country trekking to Dolpo with Trekking guide Team an adventure within in the least developed district of Nepal.


Trekking can be done in both areas of Dolpo, the Upper and Lower parts of Dolpo region From Jhupal village or from Pokhara to Dorpatan, Trekking Guide Team offers this amazing adventure, encountering interesting places, people, villages, valleys and verdant forest of pines, oaks and rhododendron, our trekking to Dolpo leads through several high mountain ranges and over towards Numala pass at 5,400m till the journey reaches at Ringmo village and the turquoise colored Phoksundo lake and in the heart of Phoksundo National Park.


The highlight of this trip at Ringmo and Phoksundo Lake with ample to marvel the beauties of this area along with the surrounding snow peaks of Kanjibro Himal, this fascinating adventure continues and finally ends at Jhuphal for the flight back to Kathmandu following the ancient Trans Himalayan Trade route and back to by an alternative route, giving you more opportunity to explore this fascinating wild west of Nepal.