Car Rental in Kathmandu Nepal

Car Rental in Kathmandu Nepal



Car Rental in Kathmandu Nepal is a service that offers automobile hiring for a short period. Car Rentals are an easier way of acquiring a vehicle service no matter where you go. In short, they are fast, easy, and reasonably priced. Also, car rental service in Nepal with Trekking Guide Team allows you to choose from many destinations across the country. Thus, car rentals add a different layer of fun and ease to your trips in Nepal.



Highlights of Service

  • Car Rentals in Kathmandu Nepal are an easier way to plan your travel.
  • The price is already fixed and reasonable. No hacking is required.
  • Customer service is our top priority. So, we provide luxury cars in excellent condition.



An Overview

Car Rental in Kathmandu Nepal is helpful in situations where you need to travel with comfort, ease, and privacy. Similarly, there is no need to search for public transport because of this. With the car rental service, you can easily choose your destination and book your desired vehicle for the trip. You can visit many places without having to constantly worry about transport. You can also travel long distances like Kathmandu-Bandipur, Kathmandu-Chitwan. There are provisions for half-day travels as well.


Car Rental in Kathmandu Nepal offers a wide range of packages as well. Similarly, there are smart offers with the best prices. The rent is based on the duration of hire and length of travel. You can pre-book cars easily by submitting some identification documents. Likewise, the drivers are friendly and have good command over English.




At Trekking Guide Team, we also provide Car Rental in Kathmandu Nepal at your disposal. The service is easy to book and use. The services are clear cut and the customer ratings are also high. So, why worry about your next bus’s timing when you can get to that place privately?

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