As Hindus, the people of Nepal put faith in rebirth and karma. They believe that the constellations of the planets (graha-nakshyatra) exert certain influence over the destiny of a person, which is decided by the alignment of the stars the precise time of his/her birth. As such religious beliefs, they have a horoscope made by learned people called astrologers that is said to illustrate the clue of the life of the people, and the important deeds or incidents in his/her life. Many Nepalese people in general have the faith in the horoscope, astrology, prevision and such other weird or occult sciences when it comes to matters to matters deciding important occasions is life, and especially when going through a difficult phase in life. There are learned astrologers who make the horoscopes of persons if given the precise time and place of the birth. It may be worthwhile to know what the future has in store for the unskilled.

You can also have a chance of reading your palms through local Nepali astrologers. He will take some information about you like birth name, date of birth, your favorite food, your preferred number and letter and so on. And by analyzing these information through his astrology book, he will give predict about your past future and suggest you what is better for you and what is not. He will also suggest you what you should do to get better result. You can ask him any questions and he will provide you the suggestions. This will be of 1 hour, the astrologer will explain you in Nepali and we will have a supporting person who will translate you in English. The cost is 60 USD for 1 hour.

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