Trekking in Nepal in May

Trekking in Nepal in May

Trekking in Nepal in May

Nepal is famous for being surrounded by highest mountain ranges. The Himalayan mountain range includes several highest mountain peaks of the world including world’s highest mountain Mount Everest. Other peaks included are Mt Annapurna, Mt Dhaulagiri, Mt Makalu, Mt Manaslu etc. Trekking in Nepal in May can explore the beautiful scenery of Everest, Langtang and Manaslu region. This Season is good for Himalayan trekking

Nepal has high diversity in the landscape. In the country that has a very small land area, you can find the altitude range from the plains of Terai region to highest peaks of the world at the mountain region. This high level of change in altitude has made the landscape of the country very beautiful and diverse. You can find completely different biodiversity and landscape, culture and tradition in different regions of the country.

If you plan to Trekking in Nepal in May then you can still enjoy good weather so you can visit various popular places of the country. Month of May is transition month from spring season to summer season. Monsoon is just around the corner. So you can expect showers.

You can trek in Nepal in 2 different ways. One is you can do camping trekking and another one is tea house trekking.

In Tea house trekking you will have better accommodation and will be more secure from any changes in climate condition. You will have good meals and sleeping accommodation which will remove the effort of carrying tents and other equipment for cooking meals.

Whereas in Camp trekking you will need to carry a lot of equipment as you will have to camp in tents and will need to make your meals. This will require more effort can be tiring.

The high level of diversity has made Nepal Very popular tourist destination in the world. You can trek in the country throughout the year. The high seasons of trekking in Nepal are in the months of March to May (Spring season) and September to October (Autumn season).

Weather in the month of May in Nepal

May is the transition month from spring to summer in Nepal. The average temperature at hilly region during the day time is around 30°C and around the night time it is 20°C. This month is not the hottest months which means you can still enjoy travelling to different places of the country. Monsoon is about to start so you can expect few rainfall, thunderstorm and hailstorm. The climate is hot and humid due the rainfall. Kathmandu receives rainfall of average of 1.5 inch of rainfall. The weather condition changes as per your altitude level.

So to travel in Nepal in the month of May you need to prepare rain gears like raincoats, waterproof bags etc.

Trekking in Nepal in May will be difficult due to irregular weather condition. The trekking trails will get muddy and the mountains will be hidden behind the clouds after the rainfall. Normally the rainfall occurs during the evening and night time which will leaves you with beautiful and fresh morning environment. This will enable you to have mesmerizing views of the mountains.

Festivals in the month of May

Rato Machendranath

Rato Manchendranath is one of the largest festivals of the country held in Kathmandu valley. This festival usually can be observed form the month of April to May. During this festival a large 60-foot tall chariot is built at the Pulchowk road over the several weeks’ time. After the completion of the chariot the god Machchhendranath is placed inside the chariot. God manchchhendranath is considered as the god of rain. The festival is celebrated at the begining of the monsoon season. The worship of Rato Machchhendranath is believed to bring good rainfall for the harvest of crops in the city. So the festival marks the beginning of Monsoon.

Best destination in the month of May

Month of May is beginning of monsoon season. There will be irregularities in the weather condition. You might not get to have the best views of the mountains. However the monsoon has not arrived completely so you can still have great trekking adventures except for those few unfortunate days when it rains.

The best time considered for trekking in Nepal are Spring and Autumn seasons. Since the spring season is still not completely gone, you can enjoy the trekking in various parts of the country. There will be more greenery along the trekking trails. The climate is still not too hot and not too cold which makes travelling very easy.

The best destinations during the month of May are mentioned below:

Everest Base Camp Trek

The temperature during the month of May is perfect for Everest base camp trek. Due to the warmer temperature there are not much snow at the base camp and the trekking trial which makes the trek much easier. This means the trekkers won’t have to deal with very cold climate like other months of the year.

In the month of May the weather is mostly clear during the day time which will enable you to have clear visibility of the mountains from the trekking routes and from the base camp.

Annapurna Circuit Trek

Annapurna Circuit Trek is also very good option for trekking in the month of May. This is also off season which means the trekking trails won’t be crowed. You can have amazing views of greenery, valleys and mountains from this trek. The Thorong La pass trail is also opened and has less snow which makes it easier to reach. The trekking trails of this circuit are well known. Also the upper section of the Annapurna circuit trek lies in the rain shadow area. This means the circuit is suitable for trekking in the monsoon season as well.

Langtang valley trek

Lang Tang valley lies north of Kathmandu valley. This region has recently become very popular trekking region. During the month of May the temperature is warmer which means there is less snow in the trekking trails. This makes the trekking easier and many trekking trails are opened during the month of May.

The clearer weather will enable you to have great views of the mountains and the surrounding landscape.

Manaslu Trek

Manaslu is the eight highest peak of the world. The double peak mountain is becoming one of the most popular trekking destinations of Nepal. Due to the average temperature being warmer than the other months of the year, many trekking trails are opened due to less or no snow on the trails in the month of May. The Larke La Pass is easier to reach and one can enjoy the great views of Twin Peaks Mountain.

Highlights of trekking in Nepal on the month of May

  • Magnificent views of Mount Everest, Mt Lhotse, Mt Nuptse, and Mt Ama Dablam.
  • Rato Machchhendranath festivals
  • Warmer climate
  • Less snow on the trekking trails
  • Proper rain gears
  • Irregular weather conditions
  • Start of the Monsoon season

Trekking Tips on the month of May

Trekking in Nepal in May can be tricky due the irregular weather. The major problems faced during this time of the year for trekking are:

  • Irregular weather
  • Muddy trails due to monsoon
  • Change in temperature due sudden rain
  • Mosquito and other insects problem
  • Risk of landslides due to rain

Trekking in Nepal in May is still popular even though there are aforementioned problems. Due to the monsoon the valleys and the hills are covered with green forests. This makes the trekking in Nepal evermore beautiful. You can easily avoid aforementioned problems by following tips:

  • Prepare proper rain gears to tackle rainy days
  • Prepare water proof bags to keep your equipment dry away from any malfunction caused by the water
  • Start your treks early as it usually rains in the night time which means there will be clear and refreshing views of the mountains in the morning
  • Hire a certified and experience trekking guide to avoid any type of risk due to change in weather like landslides etc.
  • Carry insect repellent to protect yourself from different kinds of insects like mosquitos, leeches etc.
  • Prepare few extra days for trekking so that you can deal with any types of delay caused in transportation system like flight delays, landslides on the highways etc.

List of gears for Trekking in Nepal in May

The followings are essential for trekking in Nepal in the month of May.

  • Raincoats
  • Proper grip shoes to walk along the muddy trails
  • Water proof bags to protect your equipment
  • Summer cloths to deal with warmer climate
  • Insect repellent
  • Trekking sticks


Month of May is the start of monsoon season in the country. You can expect irregular weather condition as the monsoon season has not started completely. You can still enjoy the great views of the mountains from your trek during the morning time.

Trekking in Nepal in the month of May will have its own various advantages like the trekking trails will be easier to access as there will be less snow on the trail due to warmer climates. You can enjoy the green valleys and hills present at your trekking trails.Even though it is monsoon season during this time of the year, all the trekking routes the country are open and you will easily find accommodation and guise service for your trek.


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