Trekking Guide Team Adventure is the local trekking and tour agency although we have a special service of “Car Renting in Nepal”. The key purpose of the service car leasing in Nepal is to provide the best service of vehicles in Kathmandu, Chitwan, Pokhara and other major cities in Nepal. We have luxury car of different company, in which you can choose for your groups and teams according to your necessity. The best and new car makes your journey more memorable and enjoyable.

Nepal is underdeveloped country lies in between China and India. Nepal is famous for Mount Everest and birth place of Buddha. Many people all over the world have dream to visit Himalayan country Nepal and its natural beauty. You have opportunity to views the various mountains from the well-known city of Nepal. But the road is not perfect and well furnished that’s why driving in simple car and bus might be difficult and problematic. Trekking Guide Team Adventure has different luxurious and heavy car for your safe and pleasurable driving.

The Prithivi Highway, Mahendra Highway, Araniko Highway BP Highway are the most usual highway route to trekking and tour in Nepal. The conditions of the road are not so good that’s why luxury car is the solution for the safe and enjoyable driving.