5 Adventure Sports in Nepal you can’t Afford to Miss

5 Adventure Sports in Nepal you can’t Afford to Miss

5 Adventure Sports in Nepal you can’t Afford to Miss

April 7, 2020


The Himalayan Kingdom, Nepal is much more than just woodlands, Mountains, lakes and amazing views. The epitome of wonders, Nepal is blended with the most exotic culture, adventure and lovely people served in a single plate to the traveler from all around the world. Apart from trekking to the base camp of the World’s highest mountain, Mount Everest, Nepal offers wide range of Unique & Adventurous Activities in Nepal to the adrenaline junkies to make their trip thrilling yet memorable.


The unique and diverse geographical structure of Nepal is a unique playground for different interesting and thrilling outdoor activities. From Mountain biking in the rugged roads of remote parts, to flying freely in the sky of Pokhara, there are list of things that you cannot miss during your Nepal trip. Among different adventurous activities, we have summed up the best 5 adventurous sports in Nepal.


So let’s take a moment and see what we have for you


1) Highlights of Paragliding:

  • Sunrise view from Sarangkot
  • 45 minutes glide in the sky of Pokhara
  • Unobstructed panorama of Annapurna ranges, Macchapuchre and Dhaulagiri
  • Birds Eye view of beautiful Pokhara city and pristine Phewa Lake
  • Video recording of your flight


Paragliding in Pokhara


The touristic hub of Nepal, Pokhara is the majestic lakeside city offering different recreational activities with day sightseeings to its visitors. Among other different activities, paragliding in Pokhara is a must-do activity. Fulfilling all the necessity for a perfect flight including stable thermal, great views, convenient take-off and landing zone, Pokhara is among the top 5 commercial tandem paragliding locations in the world. Tandem paragliding is a kind of paragliding, where you are seated carefree in front of the pilot, enjoying the dramatic views of the city.


➤Best time and Season for flying:


The paragliding companies offer three flights at certain intervals.

  • The first flight take-off at 10:30 am
  • The second flight at 12 pm and
  • The last flight of the day at 2 pm.


The timing of the flight is very important because if the thermals are not developed, you cannot have a nice, turbulent flight. Since by the time of the second flight, 12 pm the earth is already heated, creating the necessary thermals for the flight.
The paragliding in Pokhara goes round the year except if the thermals are not developed and it’s raining. Although you can enjoy the flight in all seasons, the month of September to November and February to March is best suited as the views are clearer and the thermals develop quickly, allowing you to fly up to 3000m.



➤Price of the flight:


Types of Flight Time Price
Standard flight 30 minutes 75 USD
Cross-country 40-60 minutes 110 USD
GoPro footage 5 minutes video, 30 stills 17 USD


If you are ready to fly high in the sky of Pokhara, then just visit Paragliding in Nepal for detailed information.


2) Highlights of White Water Rafting

  • Appealing views of the surrounding
  • Exciting rapids and impressive gorges
  • Easy accessibility from Kathmandu
  • Thrilling experience in the river side


White River Rafting in Nepal

 Rafting Through the Extreme Rapids | Source: Firsthimalayan


Thanks to the snow-capped pinnacles, that Nepal has plenty of spots for white river rafting. Away from towns and roads, deep into the shooting rapids of the river, white river rafting is the most amazing adventure for the adrenaline junkies. With every turn, you will be amazed by the surrounding valley and beauty of nature. Nepal offers white river rafting on different rivers of Nepal including


➤ Trishuli River White Water Rafting:

Located in between Pokhara, Chitwan, and Kathmandu, Trishuli river rafting is an obvious choice of most travelers having limited time in Nepal. The impressive gorge, exciting rapids, and good scenery makes Trishuli River rafting one of the most popular outdoor activity of Nepal. For more information click on the link Trishuli Rive Rafting.



➤Bhotekoshi White Water Rafting:

Running alongside the Araniko highway, Bhotekoshi river rafting is one of the hardest commercial rafting rivers in Nepal. The steep and continuous flow of the rapids is normally class 4 to 5 and is sure to give you some adrenaline rush. Click on the link if you are looking for some more adrenaline rush Bhote Khosi River Rafting.



➤Seti River Rafting:

The Seti river rafting is a 3- class river rafting of Nepal offering a fine view of f=green jungle corridor and white-sand beaches for camping. Originated from the twin peaks of Api and Nampa of the main Himalayas, the slow rapids of the Seti river is best suited for family and friends and a popular choice for bird watching trips.



➤Kaligandaki White Water Rafting:

The Kaligandaki River is Nepal’s second most popular rafting river and is popular for its deep gorge, challenging water rapids, and excellent views of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri. For more information click on the link Kali Gandaki River Rafting.



Contact us to know more on Nepal Adventure Activities Price & Packages



3) Highlights of Mountain Biking

  • Uphill and Downhill Mountain biking in the dirt road
  • An amazing chance to get familiar with countryside view and lifestyle
  • A thrilling ride to let your adrenaline rush
  • The ride is accompanied by some great views at the end of the day



Mountain Biking in Nepal

The diverse terrain of Nepal has made Nepal a great place for mountain biking. The mountain biking experience in Nepal varies from easy village trekking trails to challenging mountain roads suiting everyone’s taste. No matter which trail you choose, but it’s very sure to give you immense pleasure and great views by the time you reach the viewpoint.


Kathmandu, the capital city has plenty of trails that will offer you a great opportunity to ride in the off-beaten track into the beautiful Newari village. The natural trails, untouched by road construction allow you to discover the exotic countryside view, terraced fields, and preserved traditional lifestyle.


Mountain Biking in Nepal | Source: treknclimb



The best spots for mountain biking inside the valley includes:


➤Kathmandu to Chisapani

The Kathmandu-Chisapani trail is ne of the thrilling rides that takes you deep into the local village amid natural scenery. The trail starting from Danda Gaun is a blend of terrains, uphill and downhill single and double tracks. The ride up to Mulkharka is downhill whereas from there you will have to climb for 2 to 3 hours to finally reach Chisapani.


Distance: 37 km
Altitude: 2210m



➤Chisapani to Nagarkot:

The Chisapani-Nagarkot trail resembles the Kathmandu to Chisapani trails in many ways. The trail is mixed with the same uphill, downhill, flat section with single and double tracks. Riding downhill through the lush woodlands of Shivapuri National park you will feel relaxed with the serene beauty. From Shivapuri, you will head on an uphill journey to Nagarkot. The vantage point Nagarkot is famous for its amazing sunrise and sunset views. Apart from the sunrise, the views of Himalayas is also very admirable from the viewpoint.


Distance: 38km
Altitude: 2000m



➤Kathmandu-Kakani- Budhanilkantha:

The Kathmandu-Kakani-Budanilkantha is the most popular trekking route inside the valley. The trail starts far from the bustling streets of Kathmandu through the tranquil Shivapuri National Park into the Hindu pilgrimage site Budhanilkantha. Starting from Balaju, you will bike along the Trishuli bazaar road until you reach Kakani. Kakani is a famous place for a family to get together and picnic. Enjoying the views of the Himalayan ranges, you will continue your journey to Shivapuri National park that homes 318 species of birds and numerous flora and fauna. Visit the famous Budhanilkantha temple and offer your prayers as you get down the hill from the national park.


Distance: 23km
Altitude: 2073m



➤Dhulikhel- Balthali via NamoBuddha:

The Dhulikhel-Balthali trial is the most beautiful trail for someone who loves greenery and terraced field. The mixed double and single tracks from Dhulikhel leads you to the Buddhist pilgrimage site, Namobuddha. Apart from holding great mythology of Prince Mahasattva who offered himself to the hungry Tigris, the place also offers majestic views of Himalayan ranges. From NamoBuddha the trail is downhill and uphill simultaneously until you reach Balthali village.


Distance: 28 km
Duration: 1580m



4) Highlights of Rock Climbing

  • Experience the natural climbing in the outskirts of Kathmandu valley
  • Enjoy the unadulterated views
  • Serene Walk into the dense forests
  • Climb the natural and majestic rock face



Rock Climbing in Nepal


Rock Climbing in Nepal | Source: sierraclub.org


The new favorite adventure in the town, rock climbing in the natural climbing site of Kathmandu is something else than just adrenaline rush. The physically and mentally challenging sport, rock climbing is all about your strength and balance together with how you plan things on your head before making a move. There are different rock climbing sites inside the valley where both experienced and inexperienced climber can participate and polish their climbing ability.




The Nagarjun forest is 30 minutes’ drive from Kathmandu and is a great destination for both hiking and climbing. After getting an entry permit from the army checkpoint in the Phulbari gate, you will enter the forest area. The cliffs in Nagarjun vary from 15m to 25m tall with more than 22 climbing routes.



➤Pharping (Hattiban)

Located 26km away from Kathmandu, the town Pharping is famous for its unique monasteries. The south-facing cliff are intermediate to an advanced single-pitch climbing route with more than 10 climbing routes. However, the south-facing cliffs make it challenging to climb during the summer season.




Located 29km away from the bustling city, Kakani is a perfect escape in the outskirts of Kathmandu. The rock in the Kakani is only 20m tall but the climbing is a bit challenging. The top of the hill offers majestic panorama of Ganesh Himal, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna and Gauri Shanker.



How to Prepare for Rock Climbing?

  • Wear flexible, well-fitted clothes
  • Avoid wearing jewelries and accessories
  • Wear hiking shoes
  • Tie up your long hair
  • Pack your snacks or bring money for snacks
  • Don’t forget to carry your own bottle of water



5) Highlights of Bungee Jumping

  • Bungee at the first ever bungee jumping spot, Bhotekoshi
  • Experience the thrill as you plunge to the depth of 160m
  • Drive through the Nepal-Tibet friendship highway



Bungee Jumping in Nepal


Bungee Jumping in Nepal | Source: thrillophilia


Nothing can be more thrilling than plunging into the rushing river from a lofty height of 160m. The Bungee jump spot located 3 hours away from Kathmandu along the Araniko highway, is the first ever Bungee spot of Nepal designed by one of the leading bungee consultant and operated by the team of experienced masters. The Bungee jump in last resort, Bhotekoshi is also famous for its spectacular scenery of the dense forest. To know more visit Bungee Jumping in Nepal.


The other famous spot for Bungee Jumping in Nepal is at Hemja, Pokhara plunge 70m from the bridge. The jump site offers majestic views of Himalayas and the surrounding.



Who cannot go for bungee jump?

  • Individual having heart disease
  • Individual having high blood pressure
  • Individual having neurological problem
  • Individual having epilepsy
  • Individual with orthopedic problem
  • A pregnant woman




➤Cost of Bungee Jumping in Bhote Koshi

Operated 4 days in a week Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday and Friday, the cost of Bungee jumping is mentioned below. You can also add Tandem, Canyoning trips to your day list if you want some more adrenaline rush.



Nationality Price
Nepali 7500 per individual
SAARC countries 9,900 rupees per individual
Foreigners 108 USD per individual





1) When is the best time for Rafting and Kayaking?

➤The best time for rafting in Nepal is usually between September to early December and March to June because the views are great and water is warm.


2) When is the Monsoon season?

➤The monsoon in Nepal falls between June and August


3) Can I combine different activities?

➤You can undoubtedly combine different activities. You can go for Bungee and join for Rafting/Kayaking/Canyoning trips according to your preferences. So is for other sports.


4) Do I need my own gear?

➤You don’t have to carry your own gear, you can either rent it on the spot or from the Thamel.


5) Can I bring children?

➤Children above 10 years of age can join.



If you are ready to plan your next adventurous trip, Trekking Guide Team are here to guide you and provide best facilities during your stay.





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