A few days ago we completed the trek of the Annapurna and the experience has been amazing, better than expected. We crossed the pass Thorang La, at 5400 meters, crossing jungles, mountains and desert. Exceptional. Trekking Team Guide Team (whose link in Spain’s World Nomad Travel), led by Kabi, is excellent, very professional, helpful and forthcoming. Prices are skin-tight, much cheaper than other companies and offering an unbeatable service. Our guide was Hari Sharan and our carrier: a perfect team. They looked after every detail: route, food, health, entertainment including card games and stories about the country. Solve all problems that may arise and are pending on the weather, detours and road hazards. They help make the experience the best possible but also leave space if we choose to go a little more independent. In our case, we come to consider friends and were part of the team. That said, high quality service and an experience to remember for a lifetime.

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