Scott, Hugh and Lorcan – Australia

EBC Trek – (30 Dec 14 – 13 Jan 15).

Now that my sons and I are back in Australia we have had time to reflect on our achievement of getting to Everest Base Camp. It was an amazing experience to trek with my two sons (15 and 17 yrs) and memories that we will have forever. It was made all the more enjoyable and attainable due to the professionalism of the trekking team that guided us during throughout this trek. It is never an easy thing to do coming from sea level to high altitude but at all times our guide Shiva Raj Thapa maintained a watchful eye over all of us making sure that our health was good and any sign of sickness was identified and treated early. Our porter/sherpas who not only carried our gear but were also a great source of humor and entertainment, Dorchi Sherpa never stopped smiling and always set a sensible pace for us to match and nothing was ever too much trouble. Lacpa Sherpa was just a incredible guy who just never stopped laughing but where he lacked in the understanding of English, he was still able to laugh at our Australian sense of humor.

So thank you Trekking Gude Team Adventure for giving us a lifetime of memories.

Many thanks

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