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We are francis G and Rodrigo B from CHILE, SOUTH AMERICA. we came to Nepal to enjoy the most famous trekking on this world. ‘ANN APURNA TREKKING’’.I found trekking guide team adventure’’in the internet thanks to Spanish blog which is we saw really good recommendations. So we made trekking with them and it was the most amazing experience in all Nepal.the service was AWESOME,this guide bought fruits for us at the begging of the trekking and he was giving the to us every meal,it was it was a really nice detail. also all food serve included and he was explaining the most important history and stiff. From about all trekking and culture and nature. It ‘’IT was Inexperienced From another world everything works correct, and fine and best price of the history…It was REALLY REALLY CHEAP.Don,t try find another place.Here is really budget’’and service is great.

Thanks to our guide and all staff.

Also we bought package tour to chitwan and it was wonderful.I saw RHINO cocodrils swimming next to me birds monkeys,and more and more this accommodation was awesome,Hot (Really Hot)SHOWER,AC,queen bed and buffet

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