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Many thanks kabiraj In this land of contrasts’ contacted several agencies since September last year, this was the only one that responded to emails’ almost ‘immediately, that detail certainly made a difference and chose. Nepal needed someone to do all the paperwork for my trip to Bhutan, some travelers coming from Nepal Trekking recommend the Adventure Agency team guide doing this because it is faster and safer, for me it proved to be the best option. Then hiring the trip to Annapurna Base Camp and it was an amazing experience, the difference inevitably makes the person accompanying you, in this case in Ganesh, my guide, I also found a great person and a friend. About Bhutan only add that it was one of the best experiences I have ever had, and here I have words of deep thanks for Dewa my guide. This great man was able to understand everything he needed to find in Bhutan, which is absolutely opposed to anything that ordinary visitors will look for, turned out to be a great friend who allowed me to get into the culture of his country and meet many simple honest and very happy. I want to end this comment by emphasizing professional work and dedicated team Adventure Trekking Guide Kabiraj Nepal “The Trekking and Tour Operator”, always concerned about every detail and always trying to improve the customer experience, becomes tedious weon. .. I certainly recommend this Trekking Adventure Team Guide Agency, which quote is important, but here maybe luckily I found a couple of very large guys, this body meets, has good prices and excellent service. Thanks Kabiraj

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