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Nepal Government Announced all Flights to Resume from 17th August, 2020

It’s nearly four months now that our country Nepal has been locked down with the ongoing terror of the Corona-virus outbreak. The Government imposed the lock-down on March 24, 2020, as a quick response to the pandemic, but none of us knew that it would continue for this much longer. Although some businesses have already resumed providing their services by following the WHO protocols, many other service providers are still struggling to reopen their business.

Among the ongoing list of the affected business sectors, Tourism will always be on the top without any doubts. With suspended International and Domestic flights, the tourism sector is affected terribly and is on the verge of being collapsed. Previously the tourism sector alone contributed to 7.9 percent of the country’s total GDP.

However, this year with the pandemic and suspended flights, the tourism entrepreneurs were having a hard time until yesterday. As the Nepal Government Announced all Flights to Resume from 17th August, 2020.


According to the current data on corona information in Nepal, the Corona cases in Nepal are decreasing daily and, hence, the Government has decided to operate the flights following the safety protocols starting from August 17. To handle the flow of tourists without being terrorized, the tourism entrepreneurs, health workers, and the Government should collaborate equally from their side to save the country’s economy and the industry itself from being collapsed. As per the economists, the pandemic is supposed to have a deeper impact on the tourism sector, since no one knows when this will be over and when people will again feel safe to travel across the countries.

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However, despite all the odds, The Trekking Guide Team Adventure is ready to welcome you all to the beautiful country Nepal, following all the required safety protocols.



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